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Messenger Bags, Backpacks, Hip Bags, Bicycle Panniers and Festival Water Bottle Bags by LeaflingoOo in Budapest, Hungary

Summer Festival SALE! 10% Off all Fanny Packs in our Etsy Shop ‘till August 1st ! Apply coupon code SUMMERFESTIVAL at checkout for the discount.

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Leather purses by krukrustudio in Moscow, Russia

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Sweet handmade ceramic dishes by Marnski Handmade on etsy 

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New stickerzine by Koyamori! Includes 10 stickers of terrariums and friendly forest spirits + 1 zine that unfolds into a print. Limited run of 60, available at Gatosaurio for only $10 (including world wide shipping) (●′▾‵●)⸝⁺✧

I made a sticker zine, available on Gatosaurio! :)

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Ernesto Caivano(Spanish, b.1972)

Floral Veins, and Conduits: 006    2006     

Floral Veins, and Conduits: 099    2006

Floral Veins, and Conduits: 009    2006

Floral Veins, and Conduits: 088    2006

Ink and graphite on paper

Brief Tangle with Rope    2004    

Flight Entanglements    2004

Dashing Screens    2004

ink on paper

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Iconic Disney characters gender bended.

Ariel, Cruella, Maleficent, Pocahantas, Elsa, Ursula, Aurora, and Snow White as guys. Hades and Jack Frost as girls. 


god these are sexy men/women

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Character designs from Tangled (by Glen Keane and Jin Kim)

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